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Our dedicated professionals at Falcon Fiber can provide fiber optic services in any environment as well as solutions to improve existing infrastructure.

About Falcon Fiber Solutions

Make-Ready Work:

Falcon Fiber Solutions performs make-ready work to set the stage for a successful fiber buildout.

Buried and Aerial Fiber Installation:


  • Turnkey, modified turnkey or labor-only projects, large and small
  • Trenching cable, fiber, or conduit
  • Plowing cable, fiber, or conduit
  • Directional and pneumatic boring
  • Blow or pull cable inner duct into new or existing conduit
  • Restoration and repair of damaged plant


  • Modified turnkey or labor-only projects, large and small – from five miles to 5,000 miles
  • Strand installation
  • Lashing fiber, coaxial, twisted pair
  • ADSS fiber installation (where all dielectric installations are required)
  • Plant extensions
  • Plant maintenance, including pole transfers and repair of broken lashing wire
  • Highway, interstate, river and railroad crossings

Fiber Optic Testing and Splicing:

When it comes to fiber optic termination, splicing, testing and maintenance, Falcon Fiber Solutions has the right tools and equipment for each and every job. We work safely and efficiently to make sure we follow industry standards.

Engineering and Design:

Fiber Optic Overhead Engineering

  • As-built existing T&D lines
  • Design route planning and feasibility studies
  • Evaluate lines for the addition of fiber optic cable – OPGW, ADSS, Lashed
  • Develop make-ready-work packages to prepare for fiber addition
  • Determine reel lengths, splice and storage locations, pulling sites
  • Fiber Optic Underground Engineering
  • Design underground fiber optic cables
  • Underground utility records research and plotting


  • Alignment basemap development (land survey subcontracted)
  • Design exhibit development for route evaluation, permitting, land services, public outreach, utility locating, etc.
  • Plan and profile design
  • Cable length and reel assignment calculations
  • Cable pulling calculations
  • Construction phasing design
  • Construction field engineering support
About Falcon Fiber Solutions

Design/Drafting Services:

  • Job Packages
  • P&P Sheets
  • Material Lists

We'd love to hear about your project and how we can help.